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DJ Hayden Talks Preseason

Posted Aug 18, 2013

Rookie CB DJ Hayden spoke to the media after swapping the red non-contact jersey for the black after being medically cleared for contact.

Q: How did things go out there, first full day of contact?

Hayden: It was like a normal day, just I had a black jersey on. That was it.

Q: Were you disappointed that your first day back out of the red jersey there was no contact?

Hayden: No. I’m glad to be practicing. As long as I’m out there I’m good.

Q: How much are you looking forward to Friday night?

Hayden:  I’m looking forward to my first NFL game. I can’t wait to get out there and play.

Q: You looking forward to hitting somebody too?

Hayden: I want to go ahead and shake the little rust off, get wet a little bit. Can’t wait.

Q: Any thought about Friday, you’re going against one of the best receivers in the game…

Hayden: I think about it. I just have to guard him and make sure he doesn’t catch the ball.

Q: As far as conditioning since you’ve been doing these other drills, do you feel like you’re in football shape?

Hayden: Yeah, I’m in football shape, I’m good. I’ll be ready to play.

Q: Do you want to just get through this and have it in the past? Is it a hurdle at all in your mind?

Hayden: I want to play. I want the game to hurry up and come. I just want to enjoy that moment playing in that game.

Q: How have you felt this whole time? Do you feel like you could have playing?

Hayden: I feel like I could have played. You know they had a plan. I had to stick to what [Head Trainer H. Rod Martin] and [Head Coach Dennis Allen] wanted. Now I’m good so let’s go.

Q: When you go in the game are they going to ask you to wear any extra padding in the chest area?

Hayden:  I got a little front flap that I’ve been wearing. I don’t know how long I’m going to wear it. I have that on right now.

Q: Does it bother you to wear that?

Hayden: It makes me look fat a little bit. That’s the only thing.

Q: Looks mean a lot to a cornerback?

Hayden: Yeah, yeah. I want to look good out there. I can’t be looking chubby. It makes me look like I got like a little beer belly or something.

Q: Any hesitation from your part or nervousness from even your family members about this week?

Hayden: My mom. She’s nervous. But she’ll be all right.

Q: What do you tell her?

Hayden: You’ll be all right.

Q: Is it going to take you having that first hit in a game to answer any Question you might have or are you past that?

Hayden: Yeah, I’m looking forward to that first hit. I need to just go out there and do it. I’ll be all right.

Q: You got to go through the pregame warm-ups and everything else the other night, put the uniform on…

Hayden: Yeah, they teased me a little bit. It’s like putting some cookies in front of a kid and telling him ‘you can’t eat ‘em, but look at ‘em.’ I’m all right, I’m good.

Q: Mom going to come to the game?

Hayden: Yeah, she’ll probably be there.

Q: Developmentally, how do assess your progression so far?

Hayden: I just got to learn from my mistakes. I made some mistakes out there in the past in training camp. I just got to learn from them and make sure I don’t make them again.

Q: Have they discussed your role with you or do you just want to get out there and play?

Hayden: I just want to get out there and play.

Q: Dennis did say that you were going to be able to play with the 1s, just because he wanted to see how you look there. Is that an encouraging thing?

Hayden: Kind of. As long as I’m out there I’m good.

Q: Was your mom at the game when you got hurt?

Hayden: Well, I got hurt in practice so she wasn’t at practice.

Q: That must’ve been a tough go for her…

Hayden: It was tough for her but we pushed through it, we fought through it and we’re here now.

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